“Tavern with a Twist”

Finn Town is unique to the Castro and Noe areas with two bars serving up a full menu of progressive comfort fare nightly until 11p.m.

Our seasonally changing list of Signature Cocktails showcases “tweaked” classics inspired by iconic figures who were born, lived or did something exceptional in San Francisco.

As for the food – colorful, flavor forward, familiar, yet totally contemporary with lots of veggie options and new takes on San Francisco originals. Daily changing specials and a rockin’ seafood bar are sure to become among your favorites.

Cocktails with a political Twist

Now through June 5

Come raise a glass to influential Mayors of the past- and all the wannabes running in this June’s special election. $12 each to buy the politician of your choice. What a deal! Available through Election Day.

Signature Cocktails

Raise A Glass to Yesterday and Today!

Finn Town’s signature cocktail offerings are crafted and inspired by people who were born, lived, or did something special that helped make San Francisco what it is today. These iconic figures come from all walks of life – actors, musicians, poets, politicians, entertainers – and from several different time periods that span the history of this great city.

We also offer some wonderful, house made refresher combinations that are alcohol-free.

Milkman | 14

vodka, lychee milk, lime, ginger

Harvey Milk | Politician, Activist


Call of the wild | 12

gin or vodka, dry vermouth, lemon, cucumber, absinthe

Jack London | American Novelist, Social Activist


not so basic instinct | 12

rye, grapefruit, brown sugar clove

Sharon Stone | Actress


Captain Phillips | 12

whiskey, amaro, averna, pear liqueur, angostura bitters

Tom Hanks | Actor


Caged Bird | 14

rye whiskey, lime, pineapple, campari, vanilla

Robin Williams | Actor, Comedian


Finn town in Fashion | 14

bourbon whiskey, vsop cognac, IPA syrup, bitters, smoked hops

our signature house cocktail


Don't Call it Frisco | 13

vodka, gin, dolin blanc, blood orange oil

Herb Caen | Journalist


el picador | 12

blanco tequila, mezcal, lime, fire bitters

Diego Rivera | Artist


Celebutante | 12

gin, campari, cardamom, orange

Courtney Love | Musician


Brunch Cocktails

$12 Each

Red Hot Mama

vodka, special tomato mix

Sophie Tucker | Singer, Actress


The World’s Greatest Lover

brandy, grapefruit, peach liqueur, champagne

Rudolph Valentino | Actor



aperol, gran classico, gin, lemon, honey, egg white, black pepper, champagne

Tony Bennett | Singer, Artist


A Sunday kind of love

aged rum, velvet falernum, clement creole shrub, chicory coffee

Etta James | Singer


Di Prima Loba

tequila, mezcal, beer, cucumber, chili, house bloody mix

Diane Di Prima | Beat Poet



Champagne, house grenadine, cranberry juice

Natalie Wood | Actress



$7 Each


Second Chance

blood orange, mint, soda water

Danielle Steele | Author


The Gavinator

citrus blend, house made grenadine

Gavin Newsom | Politician